Monday, April 27, 2015

Jose Manalo's smooth facial skin

Jose Manalo comparing his face with this young man
In this episode of Eat Bulaga's problem solving, Jose Manalo finally had his chance to make fun of somebody who has more pimple scars than him.  Jose didn't want to lose this opportunity and immediately tease the young man saying "men you have such a smooth face." this my chance to make things even Jose Manalo said.

Vic Sotto understands what Jose was implying and said you're in the same league and compared to Jose side by side Jose's face is much smoother which is true as they stand with each other.  The young man feel more insecure as Jose continues to tease him, explaining that for the first time he saw a man with a rougher face than his and he's now ceasing the opportunity to roast this man.

The man was asked to introduce himself, his name is Jobert 3rd year college student.  His problem started thirteen years ago during his  high school days, when the pimples or acne came out as normally happens sadly he started to pressed them one by one that now leaves a hole in his face resulting in a rough facial skin.

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