Sunday, April 26, 2015

True Friendship - Jose Fed Wally, Vic Served Jose's Food

Jose is fed Wally using his hand. Then Bossing Vic whole heartedly feeds Jose using a spoon, then later on with his hands.

An episode of Juan for All, All for Juan features Jose and Wally's friendship. Jose offers a hand while feeding Wally. He literally uses his hand to put the food into Wally's mouth and then gave him a water while his finger is inside the glass.

The next day, Bossing Vic Sotto surprised Jose, Wally and Paolo when he visited the Sugod Bahay Gang location. He said to Jose that he's willing to serve him a food and feed him. While feeding Jose, Bossing used a spoon but Henyo Master Joey de Leon insisted that it would be more sincere if he uses his bare hands instead of a spoon while feeding Jose. Then while drinking water, the Dabarkads shouted so that Jose will spit out the water, unfortunately Bossing covered his mouth so there would be no mess.

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