Monday, May 18, 2015

BORIS Ep. 1: Five Inches of Death

Boris Filipino, Russian Wannabe
Boris Filipino, Russian Wannabe
From the same team that brought you BOGART THE EXPLORER,
Now meet BORIS! A Filipino, Russian wannabe, nine star general and part time level 2 technical support agent from Makati.

Using his two and half weeks extensive weapons training with cub scout it is his job to blow things up.  Meet comrade Boris from Soviet La Union, Let Rock n' Roll.

Comrade Boris identifies famous Filipino warriors from past centuries to present to name a few we have Lapu-lapu, Andres Bonifacio, Leon Guerrero, Captain Barbell, and Merriam Santiago.

Without their weapons this warrior will not be as great as they were.  Today Boris will show us a great weapon that was used throughout the Centuries.  Starting with most deadly Philippine weapon one that traces its origin from the gangster of Tondo to inmates of "Bilibid" and even the SWAT Team of Camp Crame.  A weapon system that so simple yet so devastating a household told that earned its nickname Five Inches of Death "The Philippine Ice Pick"

The Ice Pick is a wonderful weapon system with versatile tactical application, it comes with  fast delivery war head with unlimited ammunitions with three different firing modes   semi-automatic, three round burst and fully automatic.

To test the destructive yield of the Philippine Ice Pick war head, Boris will test it on Terrorist Watermelon.  Children don't try this at home.

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