Friday, May 22, 2015

Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving - A Beauty Salon Thief Story

Frederico Agaton Problem Solving's Phone Caller
Frederico Agaton Problem Solving's Phone Caller
Frederico Agaton, 40 years old, a senior employee of a beauty salon in Maceda, Sampaloc, Manila, frequent problem solving's phone caller was finally getting through the busy phone line and who wants to get an advice about his work related problem.  According to Frederico his co-employee in the salon has a bad habit of stealing other peoples valuables.

He took hold of his co-worker stealing money from their common tip box and he immediately says sorry to Frederico and he reported this incident to his boss "Mama Cherypie" and his co-worker denied the tip box, stealing incident and Frederico turns out to be a liar in the mind of his boss "Mama Cherry Pie".  Another stealing happened this time caught by their other co-worker when he saw their customer's expensive cigarette lighter stolen by Frederico's co-worker and all of them were taken to task by the victim.

Paulo Ballesteros suggested an open forum to discuss their problem, but Frederico said they already did it and their boss says maybe they are jealous.  Jose Manalo suggestion was to leave the beauty salon if their boss continues to defend his co-worker.  Bossing Vic Sotto what if they apply in Araneta Avenue, Quezon City, Frederico said they only have Funeral Parlor in there.

Bossing Vic Sotto told them that they should secure their belongings, Frederico yes, we're doing that but, the suspected co-worker forcibly unlocking their drawers.  Joey De Leon asks can we name this suspect of yours? Frederico said anytime and face to face I can say his name.  Jose Manalo replied can we do that? Yes, its a Barangay Problem we can do that.  Frederico now reveals his name it is Stefanie Palisoc.

Watch the full video as more things are being exposed by Frederico.

Source: Danilo

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