Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eat Bulaga's Sugod Bahay Gang stopped by Security Guard

Juan for all, All for Juan.  Barangay Tugatog, Malabon
Manila, Philippines, A winner of Juan for all, All for Juan is working at a company warehouse as stay-in worker.  The winner is picked through a raffle draw and will be called via mobile phone and then will be visited by "sugod bahay gang" lead by Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paulo Ballesteros.

However, the security guard didn't allow the three to enter the warehouse where the winner is staying.  Jose Manalo tried to get permission from the security to allow them to enter the warehouse to continue their interview with the winner.

The security guard politely apologizes to Jose Manalo explaining the policy of their boss not to allow anyone to enter the warehouse without the permission of the owner.  Jose Manalo jokingly said "We are from Saksi" - A TV News program of GMA Network, Wally Bayola followed it up that he is from "Imbestigador" - An investigative news program of GMA Network also.

Joey De Leon addresses Jose Manalo as "Mike Enriquez" then Jose quickly transformed himself as Mike Enriquez imitating the way Mike Enriquez speaks.  Wally followed it up as "Rey Langit" - A veteran radio news announcer.  Mike properly introduces Rey and also introduces the Man on his left as "Balot" - A comedian during the 70's the man laugh the way he was introduced.

The man is head of security of the warehouse, Jose asks the name of their company he replied "Market Ventures" sir.  Jose Manalo inquired about what foods they delivered the security head replied "Chocolates and Bread" and Jose Manalo asks if they can give them some of their goods.  Wally Bayola or just anything that you have in there.

Watch this funny episode of Juan for all, All for Juan as they continue their humorous interactions with the people.

Source: YouTube by Juan's Viral

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