Monday, May 25, 2015

EAT FIGHTS: Pakyow vs. UnemFloyd (The Food Fight of the Century)

Pakyow and UnemFloyd - A different battle for these two champions
Pakyow and UnemFloyd - A different battle for these two champions
Another fight of the Century two warriors will battle it out eating hot dogs, the food fight of the century using only their gloves lets go meet our fighters in this biggest sausage Fest of the Century.

In the red corner, weighing 255 pounds his likes puppies and long walks on the beach LECHON "PAKPAK" PAKYOWWW. In the blue corner, weighing a massive 22 1/2 pounds, I don't even know why he is allowed to fight a man five times his weight UnemFloyd "No Money" Mayweather, weather lang.

Tale of the Tape
Lechon Pakyow winner by Eatout and here's Tricky Ikki ringside interview of the winner.  Tricky Ikki:  Congratulation on your solid win.  How do you feel, are you feeling ok?
Pakyow:  Oke naman, Oke ako, Oke na meh, UnemFloyd Oke ng ina nya, Oke na kah and that i won, Oke ng ina ko.
Tricky Ikki:  Is there a secret to your success? and what is the secret to your success?
Pakyow:  You see, my friend every fight is hard that's why I always have big Finis, that right big finis, lets look at the instant reply long, straight, short, low sometimes below the belt.  Then look big finis, why to men rub each other there's will always be a big finis.
Tricky Ikki:  Ohh you mean a big finished.

Source: YouTube by PaperBugTV

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