Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ang mga tips ni Jose Manalo para ikubli ang pag-utot

Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving Barangay 239 Zone 22, Tondo, Manila
Problem solving twitted question how do you keep your loud fart from being unnoticed by your friend or from people round you?

One viewer twitted his question about concealing someone's fart
Joey De Leon shared his funny joke about farting
Jose Manalo suggested that if you really don't have the time to excuse yourself from the people around you, conceal your farting by pretending that its just a sneeze.

Sneezing technique to hide your farting sound
Tito Sotto suggested to use a Bossing Vic style on how he conceals his farting sound, he does it by finger pointing, it to other people and accusing them about that loud fart sound.

Here are some other suggestions:
While sitting along a chair move the chair to create a sound as a cover then fart.
Use backbone and finger stretching sound to cover up the fart sound.

Chair moving sound to cover fart sound
Cracking your bones to conceal the fart sound
According to Joey De Leon people do their best to avoid these embarrassing moments, especially during life's courting period, but it's a different position once they are married, they fart whenever they pleases.

Finally, Joey De Leon tells a true story about a married couple the man's wife who's always in heat was called by his husband in bed they covered themselves with a blanket and seals both ends with their heads and feet the wife was expecting that they do lovemaking to her surprise the farted and the smell was so bad the woman separated her husband.


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