Sunday, May 10, 2015

Laughtrip ito, Richard Gomez nalaglag sa upuan

Richard Gomez Fell From A Chair

Richard Gomez and Joey "Tsong" Marquez - Lagot ka, Isusubong kita (Sitcom)
Richard Gomez and Joey "Tsong" Marquez - Lagot ka, Isusubong kita (Sitcom)

Joey Marquez tells a joke about an African American Woman with a child trapped inside a burning building asking for help, the firemen instructing her to throw her child and they will catch it, but the woman hesitates because the firemen were White Americans and she doesn't trust them.

Then an African American man came and told her to throw her child and he will catch it, saying "I'm a football player trust me!" Watch the video for the whole story.

Second, Benji Paras ask Reymart Santiago to use "Deposit" in a sentenced.

Third, Richard Gomez tells a story of two friends boy uhog and Benjie Paras continues the story of boy kamot.

Fourthly, Reymart Santiago used "Dorian" in a sentenced and Richard Gomez what kind of fruit it will be if you put 10 mangoes together.

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