Monday, June 22, 2015

Children were thrown out of school service on this accident, and miraculously survived

Freak Accident in Krabi, Southern Thailand caught on video
Freak Accident in Krabi, Southern Thailand caught on video

In Krabi, Southern Thailand, a pickup truck was used as a "School Bus" and carried thirteen students. The vehicle was hit by another fast approaching pickup truck, the incident was captured and recorded via surveillance camera or CCTV.

The driver of the school bus which carrying the children is turning left when suddenly, another vehicle coming in full speed and hitting them head on.

The collision was so strong as seen on the video footage. The pickup truck spins and the children who were sitting at the back of the pickup truck was thrown outside the vehicle by the force of the impact.

Miraculously, all children survived with no major injuries. The recorded video shows that the children stand up and walks immediately away from the road like nothing happened. The other two children their back is still on the ground then a man came to them to check if they are fine.

Thai website Sanook reported that the children only received minor injuries in that incident, the accident happened 15th of June Monday 11 in the morning near the entrance of the school. Thailand's road is ranked second in the world on traffic accidents, according to the statistics of the World Health Organization.

Source: YouTube by Caught on Camera

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