Friday, June 12, 2015

CLASSIC: Eat Bulaga Juan for all, All for Juan - VIC SOTTO'S Chin Look Alike

Juan for all, All for Juan Barangay Tañong, Marikina City
Manila, Philippines, A classic Eat Bulaga Juan for all, All for Juan with the Sugod Bahay Gang in Barangay Tañong, Marikina City.  The lucky winner is a housewife, Paulo Ballesteros asks the winner what is her husband do for a living.  Vic Sotto instructed Jose Manalo to look at his left (a big mirror behind him) Jose Manalo reluctantly follows Vic Sotto order and was frightened on his own reflection.  Then was instructed to look at the other way and found the winner's husband standing there and Jose Manalo Started to interview him by asking about his work.

The man told Jose that he only works twice a week as a driver's assistant and they deliver vegetables, he is earning three hundred fifty pesos per day.  Tito Sotto mentioned work vacancy in a hotel and the job is suitable for him.  The man excitedly agreed to whatever work has available for him and Tito Sotto told him that he will be folding blankets in a hotel or housekeeping job.

Jose Manalo asks him if he knew how to fold blankets, yes, he replied, show it to us Jose told the man and asked to give the man a blanket.  Jose is not impressed with the man's folding technique and show him the proper technique that would maximize his long chin to help him fold the blanket properly and effectively.

Everybody was having a blast except for Bossing Vic Sotto who happens to be the one folding their blankets when they were young and he calls Jose Manalo attention and told him that you're hurting my feelings and Wally Bayola told Jose to slow down and be sensitive.  Jose Manalo blames Tito Sotto, he is the one who started it and I'm just following his lead.

Watch and Enjoy this classic Juan for all, All for Juan.

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