Monday, June 15, 2015

CLASSIC: Jose Manalo impromptu Impression of Willy Revillame

Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay Doña Aurora, Quezon City Jose Manalo Imitates Willy Revillame
Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay Doña Aurora, Quezon City

As JoWaPao were giving their prizes to the Winner of Juan for all, All for Juan.  The winner mistakenly says "Thank you Willy" instead of Wally.  Vic Sotto asks who she mentions, Jose Manalo replied "Willy" and they inquired who's Willy that she's thanking, the winner answers Willy Revillame sir.  Vic Sotto oh, I see ok pull out all the prizes kidding aside and tell her to go to the "Kendeng, kendeng show".

Wally Bayola asks the winner are you really a regular fan of Eat Bulaga? She said yes, Are you really watching Eat Bulaga, she said yes again, are you solid Dabarkads? Yes, she says, Louder Wally told her and Wally and Jose shouted "Hephep" and the winner says "Hoorayy" somehow indicating that she's not a solid Eat Bulaga Fan and Wally told to Bossing Vic, she a solid Dabarkads then looks away.

JoWaPao and all people in the studio are bursting into laughter, including the hosts and their co-host.  Wally mentioned their chant "Sugod Bahay Gang Bawe" which means return all the prizes that was given to the winner.  Bossing Vic asks the winner if she knows how to dance like in the Willy Revillame show.  JoWaPao and the winner stood up to dance to the songs of Willy Revillame.

Jose De Leon enters the scene, singing "I Love You, I love you..." another Willy's song.  Then Jose Manalo starts to imitate Willy Revillame ways of interviewing their contestants, urging them to say something emotional to their family members that will touch the hearts of the tele-viewers.  Even the mannerism of Willy is being copied by Jose Manalo making it even funnier.  Then ask Wally to a jacket to the winner another Willy's hosting moves.  The winner is laughing her hearts out also. Give her a CD Jose asks Wally.

Then Jose Manalo switches to a hosting incident in which Willy Revillame is threatening his Broadcasting Network, that if they not fired a certain talent, he will resign from that Network.  Jose Manalo is in character that everything is happening spontaneously.  Watch more Jose Manalo funny antics.

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