Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jose Manalo Imitates winner's dead husband picture

Eat Bulaga's Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Makati City
Manila, Philippines, Todays classic Juan for all, All for Juan episode is from Barangay Santa Cruz, Makati City.  The winner Lani, was a recently widowed woman and according to her, Eleazer his husband's dream is to be the lucky winner of the show to be able to support his Medical needs.  However, his husband passed-away and never saw this day answers to their family's financial difficulty.  While Bossing Vic Sotto and Wally Bayola interviewing the winner Jose Manalo is preparing himself to contact Eleazer with the dead and after a while Jose opens his eyes and speak as Eleazer and greeted his wife Lani, bless his son and noticed That Wally is talking to his wife, he asked who are you? Are yours the girlfriend of my son? Wally replied no sir we are friends and basketball teammates. 

Jose as Eleazer ask his wife Lani, why there're so many people in our house? Wally told Eleazer that his wife was the lucky winner of Eat Bulaga's Juan for all, All for Juan.  Eleazer couldn't believe what he heard and said "Eat Bulaga! Vic!!!" Where is Vic, Eleazer inquired and Wally respond they're in the studio together with Tito and Joey.  Every time, Jose refers to Bossing Vic as plainly Vic the people in the studio are laughing including Vic Sotto.

Eleazer talked to his wife Lani, Lani we won! Do you miss my wife? His wife answers back, yes I miss you and we finally won and this your dream.  Eleazer yes, I know we won and can die now.  His wife told Eleazer you are already dead.  Eleazer responds No and called Vic and says this can't be true just a while ago I am in a beer house and now I'm dead? He again talks to Lani and instructed her to take care of their sons and daughters and be prudent with the money that they have won.    Lani asked Eleazer if she can re-marry again and Eleazer says No you can't replace me, you are disrespecting me and Jose grabs Eleazer picture and placed it beside his face.  The whole audience burst into laughter as Jose imitate Eleazer picture.  More hilarious things will happen, Enjoy watching this comedy classic.

Source: Danilo

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