Monday, June 8, 2015

Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving: Snoring and Love LIfe Problem

Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving, Barangay Entablado, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija
Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving, Barangay Entablado, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija

Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving in Barangay Entablado, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija.  Joel Ramos, 20 years old was the first one to ask our problem solvers his problem is about his brother in-law's loud snoring every night since they're both in the same room, it's affecting his sleep and according to Joel the snoring sound is different every night and when he's about to get used of the snoring sound it changes.  Joel also gives sample of different snoring sound of his brother in-law.  Is there's a way to have a one consistent snoring sound that he will get too used to, he asked the problem solvers.

According to Joey De Leon there is no one consistent snoring sound it changes every time and every night.  The sound will depend on the sleeping position of a person.  Jose Manalo suggestion is to find the snoring sound the he likes and take note on that sleeping position and move him always towards that position to have that snoring sound consistency.

Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola have this same problem with Jimmy Santos when they on a show tour outside the country and they share the same hotel room.  According to Jose, Jimmy Santos snoring sound is like a mad dog that will about to attack you.  Jimmy would suggest them to go to sleep first so they would not hear his snoring, but according to Jose this doesn't work they still woke up when they heard that loud snoring sound.

Second, is Armando "Tikboy" Ramos his problem about his love life and according to Armando, he's an average looking guy, but, why woman always says "No" to him on courtship.  Paulo Ballesteros and Jose Manalo got off from their chair and starts to look at Armando's face to find that average looking face value that he's saying.  Armando 30 years old, very much single and doesn't have any experience having girl friends.  Find out what will happen in Armando's search for true love.  

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