Saturday, June 27, 2015

Greedy python dies, trying to digest its final meal a 30 pounds porcupine

Python Tries to Eat a Porcupine
Python Tries to Eat a Porcupine
This giant snake died after swallowing a thirty pounds porcupine, which punctured its insides, with its razor-sharp quills, the four-meter African rock python was found beneath a rocky ledge at Lake Eland Game Reserve, near Port Shepstone, South of Durban on the east coast of South Africa.

Dead python with porcupine inside his full belly
Its innards had been lacerated by dozens of quills from the porcupine while trying to digest its final meal, reserve general manager Jennifer Fuller said "The exact reasons for the snake's death are not clear, it is apparent that several porcupine quills were lodged inside the digestive tract, it had fallen off the rocky ledge we don't know if it died before hand or whether the fall drove some of the quills into its digestive tract."

Python's autopsy procedure
Porcupine is the python cause of death
While some predators will be warned by the visual threat displays by a porcupine, many snake species rely on thermal or chemical sensory mechanisms to ambush prey at night. 

Source: YouTube by WorldNews & EveryThing About Life

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