Monday, June 8, 2015

Jose Manalo Music Conductor

Juan for all, All for Juan Brgy. Parang Marikina City
Juan for all, All for Juan Brgy. Parang Marikina City

Marching band "Banda Kuwatro" of Malabon City were the guest of Eat Bulaga to play lively music for Juan for all, All for Juan Sugod bahay gang.

While JoWaPao are on their way to the winner's home the band play Elvis Presley's "Rock Around The Clock" Jose dances to the music and momentarily stops and lead the Marching band in the Studio.

Conducting the marching band remotely from Eat Bulaga Broadway Studio in Quezon City and Sugod Bahay Gang in Marikina City. Every movement of Jose Manalo is followed by the Band and Jose dances on their way to the winner's house.  The winner Joselito Sarales a dishwasher on his Auntie Karinderia a small food cart. While interviewing the winner Jose Manalo provided sound scoring, that depends on their conversation the studio audience are all entertained and amused by Jose's music conducting.

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