Monday, June 22, 2015

Jose Manalo, seducing Bossing Vic Sotto

Jose Manalo is trying to seduce Vic Sotto
Jose Manalo is trying to seduce Vic Sotto
Juan for all, All for Juan in Barangay Novaliches Proper Quezon City.  It's a rainy afternoon that day, but still nothing can stop the sugod bahay gang in giving away prizes to the lucky winner, on their way to the winner's house they've to go through different obstacles like a narrow street, go under a tree and waters on the ground, Jose commented it's like the app game "Temple Run".  Even in  this kind of place JoWaPao are still happily singing and laughing as they search for the winner's home.  The camera men are behind them and having a hard time following the host.

Finally, they arrived at the winner's house and they were all happy and very thankful to Eat Bulaga and to God.  As they interviewing the winner Jose, notices an exposed electrical wire on the winner's home, it's a low ceiling ground floor and Jose is afraid to be electrocuted and asks the Rose the winner if that expose electrical wire is "Live", Rose responded I told know, just don't touch it.  Jose is trying to be funny, wants to touch it and was fooling with it.

Vic Sotto asks the winner if she married? And where is her husband? She replied Yes, I am married and my husband is in Dumaguette  province driving a tricycle vehicle, he left when their daughter was in grade 3 and now currently in high school, it was a long time ago, the reason her husband left his family is to find a job somewhere and he decided to go back to his province, for two years they've communicated, but Rose changed her telephone number and they'd lost communication and just recently, her husband got hold of their new number and start to communicate with them again, talked to her daughter and advise her to study hard and keep herself way from bad influences.

Jose, Wally and Paolo were all wet because of the rain they'd borrowed clothes of Irish the daughter of the winner and they were all dressed in female clothes, and all the studio audience was laughing including Eat Bulaga's co-hosts.  Watch and enjoy this episode of Juan for all, All for Juan.

Source: YouTube by Danilo

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