Monday, June 29, 2015

Jose Manalo "This is so embarrassing!"

Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay 812, Zone 88, Paco,  Manila - Jose Manalo, this is so embarrassing
Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay 812, Zone 88, Paco,  Manila - Jose Manalo, this is so embarrassing
Today's classic Juan for all, All for Juan, Sugod Bahay Gang.  The winner is from Barangay 812, Zone 88 Paco, Manila.  JoWaPao interviewing the winner about her house that besides a creek, during the interview, Jose Manalo notices food on the dining table and immediately went there to take a look.  There are many foods serve on the table and they asked the winner, is this food your business? The winner said "It is for my brother, who will come from Malabon, because their place were flooded, we will feed him and his family", Jose immediately assumed that his brother will not come, and asks Wally and Paolo to start eating the foods.  Actually, the foods are for the guest of the winner and they will have a birthday celebration, Jose pretended to be embarrassed upon knowing that matter and told the winner the food is for your guest and we don't want to eat the food that was prepared for them, we feel so embarrassed, while Jose is doing his pretentious acts, Wally and Paolo are already starting to eat the food.

Jose, then asks for rice and told Wally to interview the winner, so that he can start to eat too, the food is delicious, he told to  Bossing Vic and the winner will bring food to him, hand carried by JoWaPao.  They keep on saying "This is so embarrassing," while eating continuously, they asked the winner to read the idiot board for her prizes, that she had won, while they continue eating their lunch.  The winner had become the host of the show, doing all the reading of the prizes.

And, then the winner asks JoWaPao, how was the food and entertaining them as her guest, really a role reversal on this Juan for all, All for Juan, episode, so funny.

Source: YouTube by 8158Martin

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