Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jose Manalo Tricked Eugene Domingo

Celebrity Bluff Jose Manalo Kissed Eugene Domingo
Celebrity Bluff Jose Manalo Kissed Eugene Domingo

Celebrity Bluff, host Eugene Domingo is introducing the guest and regular bluffers, first she introduced Brad Pete well known for his Bubble Gang segment "Ang Dating Doon" and the catch phrase "Alien!", then next Jose Manalo mainstay on the show, and they are celebrating their new season, Jose told Eugene that we are now on our fifth season and still you haven't kissed me, Eugene said I think you have a point, the show is doing great and it's time to give you a kiss on the cheek, the studio audience were delighted to hear what Eugene has said and they were all cheering and clapping, before giving her kiss to Jose, Eugene said this to Jose "I'm happy that we reached our fifth seasons, because of your great talent, you are funny and I really admire you", then Jose also has something to say to Eugene "Uge, since we started working together first in 'Valiente', I also admired you and now you're in the peak of your career as a comedian" those sweet admiration of each other makes the crowd more static and up on their feet cheering more and more.

Then the moment that the crowd is waiting for Eugene Domingo will now kiss Jose on the cheek, when the kiss is about to happen, Jose turns his head, kissing Eugene on her lips, a comic act maneuvers perfected by Bossing Vic Sotto, Eugene was surprised, shocked and a bit embarrassed and can't believe what just happened, she said "I knew, you will do that", Jose answered back "Yeah, you knew it, but, you still pushed your head in", Brad Pete asked Jose "How's the taste?" with all due respect its like "Nganga", Jose told Eugene "It's, Ok, nothing was lost at least you tasted a man, an ugly man", Don't do that again Euguene told Jose and are you not ashamed doing that infront of guest Governor Vilma Santos? And Jose quickly apologizes to her, And then introduces her properly.

Celebrity bluff, started airing on November 2012 and aired every Saturday Nights.  Hosted by comedians Eugene Domingo, Jose Manalo, Isko Salvador and Boobay.

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