Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jose Manalo's high on drugs face

Jose Manalo's high on drug face
Jose Manalo's high on drug face
Today's Problem Solving is in Barangay Tugatog, Malabon City.  Mr. Randy Nacional is seeking an advice from JoWaPao and from Dabarkads in the studio.  The crew were curious on Randy's surname "Nacional" they thought, it's the popular bookstore in the Philippines and was asking what branch.  Randy quickly clarifies is not the bookstore and his father is from Bicol.

They proceeded on Randy's problem, he is a pedicab driver and his passenger mistakenly identifies him as a drug addict because of this facial feature particularly his round big eyes, it's not fair where is the justice?  Jose Manalo were seeking justice also and the same, we can't find her.  Jose noticed Randy's mannerism that he's keeping wetting his lips showing signs of a drug addict (dried mouth) and Jose demonstrate what Randy looks like when driving a pedicab.  According to Jose another indicator of drug addict is on their teeth, they manifest a very strong bite their jaws are not relaxed.

Another sign of a drug addict according to Jose Manalo their eyes are wide open, it's like a spear coming at you and he shows it to Randy and immediately throw the used tissue paper whenever possible.  Wally Bayola commented he was conceived from a drug addict.  Paolo Ballesteros gives Randy this message "If the driver is a sweet driver, pedicab driver sweats all over".  Jose finishes by saying you have an honest way of living just continue to do that.

Source: Danilo

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