Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lola "Rapper" Pricilla

Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay Cuyab, San Pedro, Laguna - Lola Pricilla does Rap
Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay Cuyab, San Pedro, Laguna - Lola Pricilla does Rap
Today's throwback Juan for all, All for Juan, We look back to Lola Pricilla, A farmer from Barangay Cuyab, San Pedro, Laguna.  She has two matured sons still living with her and unemployed.  Currently her planting field is under utilized because a typhoon destroyed her crops and she's now broke financially.  Her crops include many kinds of vegetables, and she made a poem about it and she wants to dedicate the poem to Ryzza Mae.  JoWaPao, Bossing Vic and other co-hosts were impressed with her poem and asks Lolo Pricilla to deliver it a bit faster, so it will sound like a rap song, then she breaks it down, they were all surprised by her rap performance.

Ryzza Mae, performs her own rap song after she finishes, Lolo Pricilla does another rap for them and they were all in shocked and in awe of Lola Pricillia rapping ability considering her age.  JoWaPao wonders how she learned to rap and according to Lola Pricilla rap is also like song and poetry, she was introduced to rapping when she was attending a wake and Joey De Leon informed the audience, he said before rap was introduced in our country people in the wake used to have words play and singing to stay awake.

Lola Pricilla did a classic "Kundiman" and it showcases her singing voice, and joined by Jimmy Santos, who sang a different song which causing confusion to the viewers, she can do little "Aegis" song, but she doesn't know the lyrics.  Joey De Leon asks Lola Pricilla is she knew the song game "Ang sabi ng iba", then Lola gave them a sample and once again, it was a hit to them.  Followed by another song which brought them into laughter.

Totally talented, witty and a loving grandmother. Finally an Elvis song with Tagalog lyrics.

Source: YouTube by kennetskYz TV 

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