Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mr. Al Mo Ranas, muscle problem

Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay 798 Zone 87, San Adnres Bukid, Manila - Mr. Al Mu Ranas
Juan for all, All for Juan, Barangay 798 Zone 87, San Adnres Bukid, Manila - Mr. Al Mu Ranas 
Today's problem solving client is Mr. Al Mo. Ranas, while entering to ask for a solution to his problem, he accidentally hit the microphone and its stand.  He was told to remove his shades, so that he can see properly and to avoid hitting other things.  Wally Bayola upon seeing the man's eye, he immediately says, it's ok to just put your shades back. Paolo Ballesteros asks for his name, I'm Al, Al repeatedly because JoWaPao didn't hear it clearly.  Vic Sotto commented it's sound like a dog's bark.

The man told them his full name "Al Ranas", Allan K, is Al's middle name "Mo"? When its combined "Almoranas" or Hemorrhoid, and they started laughing.  Jose Manalo starts giving advices on how to manage a hemorrhoid.  Wally is asking Al if he has an ID with him to verify his real name, but Jose says leave his name alone, mind your own name.

Now, Al started to share his real problem, according to him, he wants to build or improve  his upper body muscles, so he decided to lift weights and made a simple do it yourself weights, he is frustrated about the results, because there is no any muscle improvement to his upper body, on the contrary varicose veins started to appear on his legs and Al believes it's a muscle, Jose was quick to correct Al's wrong perception. Paolo Ballesteros begin to asks silly questions and proposing probable cause of Al's Varicose vein problem together with Jose Manalo and Vic Sotto.

They inquired about Al's age and they've discovered he's already sixty seven years old and the heaviest weight he lifted is forty kilograms, still strong at your age Jose commented and he reiterated to Al that his real problem is varicose veins, but the is still insisting that is a muscle problem and Jose didn't want to argue anymore.  Wally Bayola's suggestion is to consult with Captain Barbel about Al's problem, Jose's recommendation is to stop his barbel workout because it is no longer advisable for him to lift heavy weight.

Watch other funny comments from JoWaPao and other exercise alternatives.

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