Saturday, June 27, 2015

Problem Solving, There's a Call - Witch Girlfriend?

Problem Solving, There's a Call - Witch Girlfriend
Problem Solving, There's a Call - Witch Girlfriend
Problem Solving, There's a call segment, Mark Dizon called problem solving team seeking advice regarding his problem about his girlfriend, because one time he goes to her house and accidental found different types of oil, leaves and doll with needle on it and he feels strange and bothered about what he discovered, even the JoWaPao and the rest of the team were a little bit frighted of what Mark shared.

Bossing Vic Sotto told Mark, if he already asked his girlfriend about those strange stuff in their house and Mark said "I was afraid to ask her about it" fearing that she might get upset, do something crazy and he want an advice, should he break their relationship.

Jose Manalo said to Mark you feel something is weird about your girlfriend, it means you have an idea or assumption of what those things are for? Mark said "It's just an assumption", oh don't assume or be judgmental about the things you saw, Jose said.

Bossing Vic advises him not to break up with his girlfriend right away, till he feels something weird or strange happens to him, like the body ache, headache, one leg getting bigger, or any manifestation of witchcraft, that's what I feared for if I decided to break up with her, Jose said "So, don't break up with her".  Let's give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she uses those things for healing and studies, Bossing Vic said.

More funny advices from the Problem Solving Team, watch and enjoy.

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