Sunday, June 21, 2015

SHOCKING: Jose Manalo kisses winner's under-arm

Juan for all, All for Juan, Jose Manalo kisses winner's armpit
Juan for all, All for Juan, Jose Manalo kisses winner's armpit
Today's classic Eat Bulaga's Juan for all, All for Juan sugod bahay gang episode, the winner Elizabeth a housewife from Barangay Baesa, Quezon City.  Their home is still unfinished, they have rooms that need to be constructed and also the ground floor of their house.  Her husband is a construction worker digging public drainage system and the money that she won will be a big help to her family.  She also mentions that the ground floor of her house was used as a loan collateral and she has no money to pay her loan, thankfully that she won today.

Vic Sotto, Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola notices, the way the winner speak's is like a little child, and they all imitate her baby talk.  As a fond expression to a baby Vic Sotto asks Jose Manalo to kiss the winner's armpit, the winner momentarily hesitates, but Jose made her an offer that she can't refuse and she immediately put her arms up, so that Jose can kiss it, Jose said to Vic Sotto "It's dark in there".  All the people are in their seats anticipating what will happen next, will Jose will really do this, then Jose prepares himself then boom! He kisses the winner's armpit, Vic Sotto looks away and said pardon to all the tele-viewers and kids don't do this.  The audience and co-hosts can't believe what they saw, they were all in shock on what Jose just did.

o make things more funnier Jose Manalo acted like a drunk man and started to do silly things and to make things more disgusting he also kiss the other armpit of the winner and now the crowd is really up on their seats and they are laughing hard, Jose asks for a timeout and told Wally Bayola to take over, meanwhile Jose is acting like having delusions and want to speak to her Mother, and asks Vic Sotto to take care of his family, Jose said say to them I had a stroke and died.

There more comic acts from Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola in this Juan for all, All for Juan classic episode.

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