Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Petite and Boobsie, Aegis song battle

Bulaga Pa More, Petite and Bubsy Song Showdown
Bulaga Pa More, Petite and Bubsy Song Showdown
Eat Bulaga has a new segment called Bulaga Pa More, where two contestants will have a song battle and will be judged by tele-viewers and studio hosts.  Today's contestants are Petite and Bubsy are known comedy bar performers.  Petite were asked what kind of preparation he did for this showdown, I just dieted that's all, he replied.  Really, you're on a diet and still in that figure, Allan K commented.

Allan K:  What did you have for breakfast yesterday?
Petite:  Cereals
Allan K:  Cereals are good
Petite: Cereals with rice
Allan K: Really, with rice?
Petite: Just half
Allan K: Half cup?
Petite: No, half kilo
Allan K:  Ok, what about your lunch?
Petite:  I have yogurt with rice again, but dinner much healthier, apple with no rice
Allan K:  Just apple?
Petite:  Apple with lechon, midnight snack, water and two pieces of wheat crackers.
Allan K:  Is that all?
Petite:  It has caked in the middle

Since Petite is saying silly things, they've decided to let him sing and he performs the song "Luha" by Aegis and it was a good performance.  Petite gave Bubsy some tips on how to perform and use the stage properly and adding showmanship on her performance.  Bubsy answered back, you're saying showmanship? Oh, that's why you are adding lyrics to the song?

The words exchange between the two contestants are getting intense, the host decided to proceed to the showdown proper.  Each contestant will have a prop, Petite will use a handkerchief, while Bubsy will eat "Pulvoron" while she sings.  Watch this very entertaining song battle.

Source: Dailymotion by Koylix

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