Thursday, July 30, 2015

The thing inside Donya Nidora's ear

A thing inside Donya Nidora's ear
A thing inside Donya Nidora's ear

The drama continues between Yaya Dub and Alden Richards with Donya Nidora's objections to both of them to be together, even with the help of Ms. Celia Rodriguez Biyuda De Onasis that seems possible for them to be in each others arms, and now the mystery caller who has in his possession the diary of Donya Nidora that contains the secrets of her life and Yaya Dub's past, so many questions that diary will reveal, it is so important to Donya Nidora and the mystery caller knows it very well, he is asking Donya Nidora fifty million pesos in exchange for the diary.

Now, Donya Nidora blames Alden for the stolen diary and she's asking him to provide fifty one million pesos for the diary that the mystery called is asking, Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros wonders why fifty one million, the mystery caller asked for fifty million only, it seems that Donya Nidora wants to gain profit from these incidents and also kept once again her diary.  Donya Nidora warns Alden that if he would not provide the fifty one million, he will no longer see Yaya Dub forever, now Alden has no such big money and that's seems to troubled him a lot.

While, Donya Nidora is arranging her terms with Alden, her ear plug fell off from her ear and Paolo noticed, together with Jose they will fix her ear plug, but seeing Donya Nidora ear, the rubber part of the ear plug got stuck in Donya Nidora's ear and it can't be removed using fingers, the rubber will get pushed deeper into her ear, Paolo suggested blowing air from her ears, to make the ear plug rubber popped out from Donya Nidora's ear, Joey De Leon told them to get a tweezers to remove the ear plug rubber from her ear.

Donya Nidora angrily tell Jose and Paolo to stop laughing and says "This is serious, stop laughing and help me!" They finally got hold of a tweezers and Jose will try to remove the ear plug rubber, but Paolo wants to make fun of the situation, he's trying to scare Jose, while he is trying to remove the rubber.

Continue to watch this exciting and funny drama every noontime as it unfolds daily.

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