Friday, July 31, 2015

Alden Kidnapped!?

Alden Kidnapped!?

Previously on Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving, the mystery is asking for fifty million in exchange for the missing diary, then Donya Nidora put the burden to Alden to produce the money with an additional one million five hundred or else he will never see Yaya Dub ever again, desperate Alden will do everything to produce that amount of money and he's starting to count every money that he has.

Yesterday, Alden and Yaya Dub celebrated their 2nd weeksary and Donya Nidora will do anything in her power to stop the two for exchanging sweet Dubsmash to each other, Donya Nidora said to Yaya Dub that she will not step down from the car and stay inside the car until she come back, really a trying time for Aldub's love to bloom, then a surprise delivery came to Yaya Dub she receives a big stuff toy and roses from Alden and they continue to exchange sweet Dubsmash, while Donya Nidora was outside the car and trying to get in, tried entering through the door and the car sunroof and asking Yaya Dub to open the car, so she can go inside, but she was ignored and was busy doing her thing with Alden.

Donya Nidora gave a final warning to Aden that he will never, never see Yaya Dub again, shaken with that warning, he got out of the studio and was planning to go where Yaya Dub is and be with her, while on his way he was grabbed by a group of men and was forced to go inside a van against his will, the audience and Yaya Dub was terrified upon seeing what's happening to Alden, while  Donya Nidora giving a villainous laugh at them, Yaya seems to lose her mind witnessing what's going on to love of her life.

Anticipate more of Aldub's Kalye Serye.

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