Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Britain's Got Talent roller skaters perform death-defying act

Billy and Emily performing at Britain's Got Talent
Billy and Emily performing at Britain's Got Talent
Brother and Sister, Billy 28 and Emily 25 from Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, England who grew up in the famous Arata circus family.

Billy and Emily are roller skaters, they started rolling skating when they were still kids, Billy was 8 and Emily was 5 years old, their mother saw on TV some roller skaters and felt, Oh that was good, elegant and safe, something nice for the two that they can do together, so she bought a roller skates and that moment on the brother and sister were hooked.

Billy says "I love skating with my sister,  And I won't skate with anyone else" and Emily says "He's my big brother, I always looked up to him and performing with my best friend." and they want their parents to be proud and they will give it all and put on a great show and hopefully that the judges and the audience will love it.

After the performance the judges and the audience were shocked and gasping for air with the death-defying roller skating performance of Billy and Emily.

Judge Alesha Dixon says "That was dangerous, I'm so worried what if your head, a fresh spin on roller skating, fantastic!"

While judge Amanda Holden commented "Dangerously fresh, I congratulate you both for bringing something so exciting to rolling skating and Britain's Got Talent."

The judge Simon Cowell says "I've seen a lot of roller skating from this show, normally they are horrific, actually I have never seen act like that in my life, I mean it's incredible."

All judges voted yes for Billy and Emily.

Source: YouTube by Britain's Got Talent 

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