Monday, July 6, 2015

FUNNY: Doctora Dora the Explorer - DDD Tea Alternative to coffee addiction

Problem Solving Doctora Dora the Explorer - DDD Tea
Problem Solving Doctora Dora the Explorer - DDD Tea

Today's problem solving seeker is Karen from Barangay Wawa, Lumban, Province of Laguna, her problem is her addiction to coffee, jokingly Jose Manalo told Karen, just wait until you have a heart attack, then you'll stop or reduce your coffee intake, she drinks ten big cups of coffee every day.

Jose, tested Karen's drinking habit by giving her their coffee and immediately it was consumed just in a few seconds, while she was drinking, Joey De Leon suggested why not try to use the 10 in 1 instant coffee, which may probably solve her coffee drinking habit.

Karen explains the feeling or effect she gets from drinking coffee, she said "It made her feel good and relaxed" and she asks Jose to get her another cup of coffee and it was quickly consumed again.

Tito Sotto made a point that coffee drinking is good, but it should be black coffee, which means no sugar and creamer.

Doctora Dora the Explorer, diagnosed her for having OCD (obsessive coffee disorder) according to Doctora drinking coffee is good, but exessive drinking may cause stomach acid or hyper acidity, her recommendation, DDD tea as alternative to her coffee addiction.

Watch this funny product from Doctora Dora the Explorer.

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