Thursday, July 23, 2015

Donya Nidora doing Babalu Ka-Voice impression

Donya Nidora doing Babalu Ka-Voice impressions

Today's problem solving team is in Barangay 737 Zone 80, Malate, Manila.  The AlDub love team continues doing their Dubsmash "PaKilig" and "PabebeWave" or love the giggles which now involves Donya Nidora herself and her interest Jimmy Santos.  That's makes Dabarkads Joey De Leon want to, say, something bad as his expression of disgust between Donya Nidora and Jimmy Santos.

In the last few episodes of Problem Solving, Donya Nidora scolded Yaya Dub for she continues to flirt with Alden Richards and repeatedly reminding her that she's should behave like a true Filipina Lady, but Allan K asks Donya Nidora, what about her behavior and Donya Nidora replied saying "Just let it go."

And according to Donya Nidora, Yaya Dub's behavior is being noticed by the executive in the studio and she should stop interacting with Alden, while doing her scolding, Donya Nidora began to sound like Ka-Voice Babalu that's makes the Dabarkads laugh.

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