Monday, July 27, 2015

Donya Nidora full of emotions pass out

Donya Nidora pass out during the problem solving segment
Donya Nidora pass out during the problem solving segment
Last Saturday episode of Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving we saw Yaya Dub being guarded by bodyguards inside the house of one of the Barangay's residents, the reason is to keep her away from Alden Richard as ordered by Donya Nidora.

And also Donya Nidora warned him again, but this time Donya Nidora is showing her big scary eyes to intimidate Alden, and said "You are really testing my limits." and my health is being affected by these things that both of you are doing, and she added that he knows something about Alden that makes her more irritated, agitated and angry with Alden, she said this while confronting Alden, Donya Nidora didn't mention any specific details about the information that she knows about Alden that makes it more mysterious and interesting.

The problem solvers ask Donya Nidora, what is this information that you know? And Donya Nidora said "I will reveal it at the right time." Donya Nidora full of emotions, suddenly pass out and was caught by her other bodyguards and Donya Nidora's body was twitching, and was given a heart massage and was carried in much cooler place.

Yaya Dub immediately pulled out Donya Nidora's medicine, but she gave a buttons instead of medicine tablet, which Donya Nidora immediately complained.

Continue to watch this drama as it unfolds daily.

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