Saturday, July 25, 2015

Donya Nidora hairy armpit exposed

Donya Nidora hairy armpit
Donya Nidora hairy armpit

Today's problem solving is in Barangay Pamplona 1, Las Piñas City.  Donya Nidora explains and demonstrate the Filipino traditional way to get rid of hiccups on babies, first get a piece of thread, wet it with saliva, roll the thread, then put it on the forehead of the baby, according to Donya Nidora the baby's attention will be on the thread on the forehead and the hiccups will be ignored.

She's demonstrated it with facial expression of  a baby, then Donya Nidora got irritated with the bouquet of flowers Yaya Dub is holding that pokes Donya Nidora head and said "That flower, that you are holding since yesterday stop it" and the scolding started once again, according to Donya Nidora they've already talked regarding Alden several times and still Yaya Dub doesn't heed to Donya Nidora's orders, instead Yaya Dub performs Waray-Waray Dubsmash, telling that she wouldn't stop no matter what.

Donya Nidora has this saying "It is good to have Inspiration in life, but it should be in its proper order and love has its own time." Then Alden appears on the monitor screen and Donya Nidora started to talk to him and gave a very stern warning to Alden, but Alden does a Dubsmash for Yaya Dub.

Then suddenly a delivery man appeared with funeral flowers that was mistakenly given to Donya Nidora but immediately retrieved from her, Donya Nidora moment of happiness was changed to anger and irritation, which he raised her arm and pointed her finger to the delivery personels, Donya Nidora raised arm expose her hairy armpit and Paolo Balesteros burst into laughter.

Watch this very funny episode of Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving.

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