Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Donya Nidora "Pa Bebe Girl"

Donya Nidora "Pa Bebe Girl"

Today's problem solving episode will discuss the term "Pa Bebe girl" or a grown woman behaving like a baby or a young child, making a cute face, gestures and changing the way she talks, just to get attention.

This woman was accused of being a "Pa Bebe girl" which is not according to her, Jose Manalo asked his co-host what's a "Pa Bebe girl" looks like, then Yaya Dub and Donya Nidora present a Dub Smash of "Pabebe" that brought the whole show laugh into tears as Donya Nidora Dub Smashing the lines, while her tongue was sticking-out, it was so funny that they requested a take two of that live Dub Smash of "Pa Bebe" even Wally Bayola as Donya Nidora can't help himself to laugh a bit.

It was so funny that Bossing Vic Sotto, requested it again for the third time, and it is even more hilarious than the first two Dub Smash act of Yaya Dub and Donya Nidora, they all laughing out loud with this "Pa Bebe girl" Dub Smash.

They were all carried away, and they almost forgot the woman who is seeking advice from them, Jose council to her is, to let them call her "Pa Bebe girl" in fact its new an in trend now, maybe they are just teasing you.

Donya Nidora, tells some historical background of "Pa Bebe girl" according to her, it's been around since the time of Lapu-lapu and Magellan.

A really fun and very entertaining episode of problem solving.

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