Thursday, July 16, 2015

Donya Nidora, said LECHE because of "Pabebe" people

Donya Nidora, said LECHE because of those "Pabebe" people
Donya Nidora, said LECHE because of "Pabebe" people

Today's problem solving is about a girl named "Samantha" 21 year-old, youngest in the family, who called the problem solvers about her emotional problem, it started when her sister got pregnant and delivers a baby girl Samantha's niece, after the baby was born, the attention of her family, especially her mother was diverted to the  baby, which is now a 3-year-old child receiving all the cares, attention and love from the family.

According to Samantha before the child was born, she was the center of attention of her mother, with that she receives special care and attention, which she misses and felt emotionally down and somehow jealous, that can be discerned from the sound of her voice through the telephone and her question is "Why her mother loves her grandchildren more than her daughter?" particularly on Samantha's case.

Bossing Vic Sotto asks Samatha is this your mother's first grandchild? And she answered yes, then burst into tears, which can be heard over the phone and she quickly apologized, Jose Manalo advise her that it is normal to feel that way, but Samantha has to understand that since it is the first grandchild the family are just excited and happy to have a new family member and a child brings to much happiness to a home and you are still especially to your mother and Paolo says your mother loves you as much also, Jose added that you share the love of your mother with your niece and love your niece.

Donya Nidora has a different point to make, she said to Samantha that its not right to feel and to think that way, you're already 21 year-old woman and you compete with your 3-year-old niece? and Donya Nidora point out that there a right age to be a "Pabebe" as we grow older we should move on and be mature and act matured people.

Watch the full video to see how Donya Nidora was carried away from Samantha's problem and her advice to her.

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