Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Donya Nidora vs Celia Rodriguez

Donya Nidora vs Celia Rodriguez

The drama continues to unfold every day on Problem Solving's "KalyeSerye" which features the Love Story of Alden Richard and Yaya Dub, previously Yaya Dub runs away from Donya Nidora as she was told to stop his Dubsmash communication with Alden, felt hurt and frustrated she decided to run away, but Donya Nidora's body guard pursues her, until she can't run no longer and was returned to Donya Nidora's care and protect as she claimed.

Yesterday that was Tuesday, Yaya Dub seems back to her normal self and was Dubsmashing again with Alden, but Donya Nidora once again saw their sweet thing again and began to go wild, punching all her body guards and then talked and gave a stern warning to Alden, the feared of her makes him run away from her presence, and hid himself in the room and Donya Nidora gave her famous warning to Alden "Babala asawa ni Babalu."

After giving her warning, the door of the room where Alden hid, opened and lo and behold it is Ms. Celia Rodriguez is coming out of the room with her hand on her waist, chin up, looking so sophisticated, which makes Donya Nidora a bit intimated, makes a backward step upon seeing her in a surprising way.

Donya Nidora compose herself and came back to her senses, looked at Ms. Celia Roddriguez Biyuda De Onasis in the eye and said "I remember you Celia." Ms. Celia says to Donya Nidora, "What is this, I heard that you're copying me, you really have a thick skin and nerve doing that and why do you oppress My Nephew Alden?" Donya Nidora not to be overpowered answered back she said "This face is original." but Ms. Celia said something even harder to swallow, she says "Your face looking like a worm, and your eyebrow like leech each on both sides."

Hang-on to your seats, this is a word battle between two greatest movie and the TV Drama villain.

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