Friday, July 24, 2015

Hebert Chavez Superman Fanatic Who Underwent 23 Surgeries To Look Like The Man of Steel

Herbert Chavez holds the Guinness World Record for largest superman memorabilia collection
Filipino designer, Herbert Chavez has taken his love of Superman to new levels, undergoing extensive plastic surgery to look like his comic book hero.

But the 37 year-old hasn't always looked like this, over sixteen years, Chavez has spent an incredible amount of money.

And Chavez's obsession doesn't look like slowing up, he's now planning more surgery to improve his look, like the bottom and abdomen enlarged to make it proportional to the other things that were done to his body.

By day, Herbert runs a successful clothes design shop, but once on the streets of his native Calamba City, Herbert is known by his alter-ego, Superman.

Chavez says he hopes to spread good values to the children of his neighborhood, but insists he is no hero himself, Herbert says "Being Superman is becoming a good influence on children or to become an idol for your positive attitudes as a Superman."

Inevitably, Chavez draws attention wherever he goes.  According to Herbert's mother, the man of steel obsession started at an early age, decades of obsession has seen Chavez earn a 3 years Guinness World Record for the largest Superman memorabilia collection, he handles the records for the year 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Herbert Chavez has not stopped making himself to look like his favorite superhero, now he wants the man of steel's abs, his solution, a permanent artificial abs, which the doctors will not perform the surgery that he is requesting, saying his body can't take much more.

Source: YouTube by E! Entertainment 

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