Monday, July 20, 2015

Jimmy Santos, happily enters the winner's house.

Jimmy Santos enters into the winner's house
Jimmy Santos enters into the winner's house
Today's Juan for all, All for Juan classic episode, the sugod bahay gang, is in Barangay Doña Imelda, Quezon City as always they have to enter the winner's house for their interviews and giving of prizes, going towards to the winner's house is quite difficult, because of its narrow and downhill path, Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros is with Jimmy Santos and they warned him to take extra care walking, towards the house.

They were surprised upon arriving at the door of the winner's house, the door was too low for a normal adult person, entering will be a challenge for a tall and big guy like Jimmy Santos, he smiles when he saw the door of the house and humorously says "I can fit there easily, it's all about how you enter" and when got into the house, he says "See! I can stand up straight, straight indeed" Jimmy tries to sit down, but Bossing Vic wants to prolong Jimmy's difficult situation, that he says "Don't sit down yet, the owner of the house doesn't say you sit down" and Jose say "Do the interview first" and Jimmy being cooperative, did the preliminary winner's interview, he asks "Do you live here? And do you not go out of the house?" these questions are just to lighten up the situation and mood, Paolo already wants to sit down, but Jimmy told him to wait until the host says, you can now sit down.

Paolo does the interview, asking the winner's age and if she had children, the winner said I'm 33 and we have 3 children with my husband Dondon.  Paolo says to Jose  "Why, do I feel the heat, we already inside the house?" Jose told him, you are standing besides a light bulb, that's why it's hot, And they all laugh on that silly observation.

Bossing Vic asks is there any other parts inside the house? They toured them to the kitchen and dining area and bedroom area, where Jose demonstrated how they sleep and the danger of getting up too quickly, while Paolo shows their walk in closet.

Watch the whole episode and laugh your hearts out.

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