Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jose Manalo, hit hard on the shoulder by winner

Juan for all, All for Juan Barangay 201, Zone 18, Tondo, Manila

Today's Juan for all, All for Juan, JoWaPao in Barangay 201 Zone 18, Tondo, Manila.  The winner an old, but a very jolly widow, who keeps on laughing every time she says something, Jose notices her jolly personality and will try to make her cry or teared up her emotions by trying to recall memories about her life and marriage, but the winner is too jolly for that and Jose was unsuccessful.

While trying, Jose keeps on asking something about the winner late husband how he died, sad and happy memories, what do you like and dislikes about your husband, but it seems she forgot everything about her husband, probably this old lady is enjoying everything at the moment and in life.

Jose Manalo seems puzzled about this old lady, laughing at her, he unintentionally gently taps the winner's shoulder in amazement, but the winner taps him back with great force that his shoulder felt hurt and she did this several times as she was in the moment of joy.

Jose did his best to change the winner's mood, but with all of his acting talent and experiences, he can't, you cannot be always successful every time :)

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