Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jose Manalo throw Boobay against a glass door

Jose Manalo and Boobay - Celebrity Bluff action scene
Jose Manalo and Boobay - Celebrity Bluff action scene

Celebrity Bluff 4th of July episode the hosts were wearing American themed clothing's recognizing American's independence day, the trivia question was about the revolving door, the show's production prepared a revolving door prop to make it more interesting and engaging, Eugene and Boobay tried using the props when Jose Manalo has this crazy idea about the action movie fight scene where the villain were thrown out of a glass door.

He asks Boobay to do a fight with him and he is the action star, then they started do the fight scene and Boobay then throwned our to the revolving door props, but the "Glass" didn't break, and they'd tried it again these time with dialogue, they fought and Boobay thowned against the glass door, but the glass didn't broke and they'd tried again for the third time, this time Eugene Domingo play a "Damsel in distress", Jose saw what's happening, he got off from his imaginary horse, then parked his horse, did a "Air action moves" and they did some action dialogue and starts their action fighting, these time the glass was broken with the help of an production assistant, who held the door's frame.

Since, their action antics starting to work, they'd decided to break all the glass doors, repeating their action stunts, a very funny act, that will make laugh and entertained.  Enjoy watching the rest of the video and keep coming for more posts and browse our collections.

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