Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Jose Manalo tries to breastfeed a baby

Jose Manalo Breastfeeding a baby
Jose Manalo Breastfeeding a baby

Today's classic Juan for all, All for Juan is in Barangay Guadelupe Nuevo, Makati City.  The winner a housewife from the same location, while interviewing the winner, Jose Manalo acted out as the husband of the winner, telling his story, how he prayed to be the lucky winner and agreeing with Vic Sotto on how he would take care of the prizes they've won and taking care of his family, he also mentions that he didn't go for work today, so he can join the Juan for all, All for Juan game.

Carrying a child on his lap, Jose continues to tell his story, his struggle and hardship in life and their youngest daughter who is not being baptized and Vic Sotto asks what is their plan for this event, now that they had won.  Jose is planning the baptism to be held at San Agustin Church and reception in Manila Hotel, since it's been overdue, according to Jose, his wife want it in Shangrila Hotel but since they are living in Manila, it should be Manila Hotel, while they're conversing his daughter started to cry and he is pacifying her.

Vic Sotto asks about their other plan for the money they've won, Jose told to Vic Sotto it is also for the education of our children and we are planning to buy a school for their academic needs and once they graduated will start our won Puregold store, for our vacation we will leave for Paris since our budget is limited, but the visa is all prepared already, how about spending Christmas in Bethlehem? Bossing Vic suggested, but according to Jose they will do that this coming holy week.

After awhile of doing the interview, Jose, lay his daughter on his arm and will breast feed her, taken by surprise Bossing Vic, Wally and Paolo, quickly stop him and said "Don't do that, you're in National Television", then Jose immediately stops.

A very entertaining episode and all of it is just an act of Jose Manalo to entertain their tele-viewers, enjoy watching the rest of the video.

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