Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lommy - Jimmy and Lola Nidora Loveteam

Jimmy Santos and Donya Nidora - A cute couple
Jimmy Santos and Donya Nidora - A cute couple

Today's problem solving episode as Yaya Dub and Alden Richards special friendship gesture becomes more frequent in this past few days, Yaya Dub seems down, in a gloomy mood and unmotivated, that can be seen in her facial expressions and body movement because she didn't see Alden today.

The Dabarkads also notices this about Yaya Dub and they ask Lola Nidora, if she wanted to meet someone too, and she said she like the man with a chubby face that she saw before Alden.

Yaya Dub and Donya Nidora perform their "Pabebe" Dubsmash and now Jimmy Santos is watching their performance and Donya Nidora was once again saw Jimmy and she makes her Pabebe face to get the attention of Jimmy and starts waving at Jimmy.

Donya Nidora is like a teenage girl who suddenly saw her crush, that she blushes, making cute faces, giggling and covering her face not to make it too obvious, Jimmy Santos also waved back at Donya Nidora, that makes her more excited and happy.

Now, Yaya Dub and Donya Nidora both have a crush, lets continue to watch them and see what will happen to these budding special friendships.

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