Monday, July 13, 2015

Ms. Comedy Bar Beauty Pageant

Ms. Comedy Bar Beauty Pageant
Ms. Comedy Bar Beauty Pageant

The Comedy Bar TV show has a beauty contest, the candidate will compete for the title of Ms. Comedy bar, sponsored by the Department of Public Works and Highway.

And here are the not so lovely candidates, candidate number one, Angel aka Ella Madrigal, he believes in this simple saying "Not all people with beautiful face is a woman, you wouldn't know that I'm your old compadre."

 Candidate number two, Marico, Marico in the evening, "Pareko" in the morning, he believes in this saying "I may not as beautiful as your mother or as sexy as your sister, you never know am your older brother."

Candidate number three, Petite Brokovich, A Filipino born in the United States, but have a Filipino heart, he believes in what Doctor Jose Rizal, our National Hero said, "He who does not love his Country's language,  you'll find them in call centers."

Candidate number four, the goddess of beauty, he stands six feet below the ground, and he believes in the saying "When it's a sunny day, and then suddenly rained, a monster is getting wed."

Watch them in the question and answer part of the pageant.

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