Friday, July 31, 2015

Online couple filmed fighting over 'deceiving' web pictures after the first real-life meeting

Online couple accusing each others of deceiving web pictures
Online couple accusing each others of deceiving web pictures

A video capturing a disagreement between a man and a woman on the street, they are yelling and angrily pushing each other, while holding each other's cell phone.

Then the man talked to a person in the crowd, who stopped and curiously watching the two fight, he is pointing at a picture on his cell phone and then points to the woman that he's fighting with, it seems that the woman doesn't look the same in person against the pictures the she sent to the man, the woman tries to grab the man's cell phone and she seems to want to make a point too.

The woman is also complaining the same reason, the pictures that he sent to her doesn't match with his actual face or look, pointing at each other's face, the argument is getting intense and accusations are being thrown from each side.

The man noticed that they were being video recorded and he angrily approaches the man holding a cell phone, slapped him in the face and he almost dropped his cell phone, but he continues to record what's happening, now is really getting serious as they fight is getting more physical, it ended with a strong push from the man and the woman fell flat on the street, after that the man walks away from the scene, and the woman got up and yell at the crowd who watching this awkward scene.

What can we learn from these?  Probably just be honest and confident with your looks and avoid too much camera effects and filters? or worst trolling around with people that you meet online.

This video has been uploaded to YouTube by ßåΩe
Published July 25, 2015
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