Friday, July 10, 2015

Outsiders are not allowed inside dilemma

Outsiders are not allowed to go inside
Outsiders are not allowed to go inside
Today's classic Juan for all, All for Juan is in Barangay Talon 3, Las Piñas City, the winner Luzviminda started to cry upon seeing Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola, while bossing Vic Sotto is asking if she is okay and Luzviminda says "I just happy and this tears is outpouring of joy" and then Bossing Vic asks the winner's permission, if they can now go inside their house and Luzviminda allowed them to go inside their home.

Upon entering the house, Wally notices a sign written on the wall beside the door, the sign says "Outsiders are not allowed inside", how about this are not allowed to go inside, we will stay outside and call another winner, Luzviminda told them to ignore that sign and just go inside the house, Jose, Wally and Bossing Vic told her that they are just following what the sign says and they don't what to violate any rules.

Jose and Wally says to her, in this kind of scenario, we just pick another winner, and they thank Luzviminda for taking time to talk with them, but Luzviminda keep on explaining,  the sign was made by the previous tenant of this house and they just found it there when they transfer, but Jose had this argument, why you didn't erase the sign? It means you also want that same rule applied to your house.

Wally asks Jose what about the gifts? It's forfeited, we will pick another winner, Luzviminda is begging Jose and Wally not to leave her house and forfeiting her prizes, Jose said "You asks Bossing Vic we are just ordered to go here" then Luzviminda humbly starting to explain their situation and problem.

Find out what will be the solution to this dilemma.

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