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Teen Wakes Up From Coma

Claire Wineland 18 year-old girl with Cystic Fibrosis
Claire Wineland 18 year-old girl with Cystic Fibrosis
This is Claire Wineland, an 18-year old with Cystic Fibrosis and she produced a video on YouTube describing her sensory experiences while in a medically induced coma, and the revelations may just blow your mind.

According to her story she had a surgery and it went bad and she got an infection in her lungs and that lead to induced coma, it was something called a medically induced coma, she didn't just pass out, they actually gave her drugs and continuously giving her drugs for a good two weeks or so, so that she could be in the sleep state, and the doctors could try to heal her and get her well again.

Claire explains her vivid experience she says, everything that happens in the real world you hear, you're aware you could know what's going on, but it goes to this weird like filters in your brain and by filter I mean it's going to the drugs and then it turns into something like you actually had your consciousness, example and a lot of people come to visit and sit by the bed and talk to me, I heard my step mom and my nanny talking and all that and I heard what they're saying but, then in my head we are in like in girls camp like one of those like lugged cabin camp and they were gossiping about one other girl.

Another thing happens when they put her in uncomfortable positions her brain would make up a story for why she's in in that position at one point they had actually tilt the bed that's called trendelenburg, which is taping you upside down, according to Claire, her head is blowing like a balloon and in her head, she was like going into this weird like hammock thing and she remembers, her foot got caught in a hammock and she's hanging upside down and she added her logic doesn't work very well.

The best part, that inspired her is her Alaska hallucinations, she has never been to Alaska, or never shown any interest in Alaska, but for some reason while she was asleep, she kept going to Alaska in her head and according to her "It was so beautiful it was like pine trees and cones and she remembers just sitting there staring  at the most beautiful scenery for hours and hours and there will be little deers in the corner and it would be freezing cold but, she didn't care." It turns out, she was getting ice packs the whole time, she had a high fever with infections.  She guesses somewhere in her brain, she thought ice, Alaska makes sense.

Claire also realized that when the people she liked were in the room talking to her, it would affect the feel of the visions she was having and the same would happen she didn’t necessarily dislike, but didn’t know as well.

Claire also noticed that when people who are close to her that's talking to her, the vision in her mind would be beautiful and comforting, but when people who she barely knew it's always strange and she have no idea where she is and felt kinda lost.

Claire learned so much about herself after her coma experience and most importantly, she knows the people that she cared for and that's made her really happy.

This video is produced and uploaded to YouTube by The Clairity Project.
Published on Jun 26, 2015
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Five years ago I was in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks. Here's what I remember about that time.

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