Monday, July 6, 2015

The Brave Cat Stands Up Against Mountain Lion

Brave Pet Cat Stands Up To Mountain Lion
The brave pet cat stands up to Mountain Lion
Whoa! Mittens better watch out, there's a new cat in town, in this video a brave pet cat stands up to a Mountain Lion which also called "Cougar, Puma, Catamount".   It is common in the United States country side  to have an animal encounter with people's house, gardens, public office, natural park and reserves, there they don't go see wildlife, wildlife comes to see them, but this one is somehow a bit different.

According to a park ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park mountain lion walks around the park, "You probably won't see a mountain lion, but they will for sure have seen you" which is kind of creepy to hear and imagine.

Attacks on humans are incredibly rare, for the most part they want nothing to do with humans.

Tom Mabe, who shot this video while visiting a friend's house in Boulder, Colorado, you can hear Tom and his wife talking while, shooting the video, her wife asks "Where are the kids?" and Tom said "They're at the back" and his wife exclaimed "Are you kidding me!" This was a joke on his wife, according to Tom, you can hear Tom saying "They're in bed, they're in bed" these conversation gain a lot of comments on YouTube.

Source: YouTube by MabeInAmerica

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