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The World's Deadliest Animals

Would you believe that sharks are not the deadliest animals dangerous to humans
Would you believe that sharks are not the deadliest animals dangerous to humans 

There's a great deal of hype around how deadly sharks are, that's for sure.  But can you think what animal is actually the most dangerous to humans?  The answer supplied by Data Vizeo may surprise you.  Watch this data visualization highlight 15 deadliest animals who account for millions of human fatalities per year.

Animal: Shark
People Killed per Year: 10

Animal: Wolf
People Killed per Year: 10

Animal: Shark
People Killed per Year: 100

Animal: Shark
People Killed per Year: 100

Animal: Hippopotamus
People Killed per Year: 500

Animal: Crocodile
People Killed per Year: 1,000

Animal: Tapeworm
People Killed per Year: 2,000

Animal: Tsetse Fly
People Killed per Year: 9,000

Animal: Assassin Bug (Chagas Disease)
People Killed per Year: 12,000

Animal: Dog (Rabies)
People Killed per Year: 40,000

Animal: Snake (Venom)
People Killed per Year: 50,000

Animal: Ascaris Roundworm (Intestinal Parasite)
People Killed per Year: 60,000

Animal: Freshwater Snail (Schistosomiasis)
People Killed per Year: 110,000
The Schistosomiasis mentioned is a mean internal parasite that is very difficult to get rid of. It's also called Nile Fever and Bilharzia (at least in Puerto Rico) It used to be rampant in PR and probably still is in Egypt and other parts of Africa. A snail is host to the parasite and lives in freshwater rivers in tropical and subtropical climates. Most people that are infected would prefer to die rather than take the cure which is months of medicine that causes violent diarrhea and vomiting. Much worse than chemotherapy.

Animal: Human (Murder)
People Killed per Year: 475,000

Animal: Mosquito (Malaria)
People Killed per Year: 725,000

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Published July 6, 2015
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