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WATCH: Horrific traffic accident on Shiyang Road, Nanjing, China

Mazda Car was hit by speeding BMW Car in a horrific traffic accident in Shiyang Road, Nanjing, China
Mazda Car was hit by speeding BMW Car in a horrific traffic accident on Shiyang Road, Nanjing, China

23rd of June 2015.  Shiyang Road, Nanjing, China, A horrific traffic accident which kills two people instantly the driver was ejected from his car, throwing him several meters away from his Mazda car while his wife, a few feet from the heavily crushed car, their car was hit by a speeding BMW car which ran a stoplight, travelling approximately 200km per hour that crashed the left turning Mazda car in the intersection of Shiyang Road.  The vehicle was torn into pieces instantly, hitting a left turning bus at the intersection as the vehicle spins from the impact received from the BMW car.

When pausing the CCTV footage, you can see the driver of the Mazda car was thrown out flying off his car, another video captures the incident from a parallel angle, in the video the speeding BMW was approaching the intersection at full speed, while the victim vehicle was turning left at the intersection, pieces of the car was flying all over the street.

The suspect BMW series 7 car has no major damage just the car's front part due to it's heavy metal construction, while the Japanese Mazda 2 receives major damaged due to it's weight difference, Mazda's weight just half of the BMW series 7.  Different weight caused varying momentum during the collision, causing elastic deformation, resulting in injuries.

The suspect Wang Ji driver of BMW car escaped from the incident and was later captured and accepts full responsibility.  Wang family expresses their apology and offered 50,000 Yuan for the family of the victim, but the victim's family did not accept their apology, saying it is not sincere and the money is enough for all the damages brought by this accident and Wang Ji wife not wearing a red dress in the coordination meeting, the victims Xuemou relatives said it is disrespectful to the deceased.

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