Friday, July 17, 2015

Yaya Dub huling-huli, kinikilig kay Alden Richards

Yaya Dub, huling-huli kinikilig kay Alden Richards
Yaya Dub, huling-huli kinikilig kay Alden Richards

Today's problem solving episode, Yaya Dub is doing her Dubsmash thing, when she noticed that her camera shots is side by side with Alden Richards and you can see the reaction of Yaya Dub, her face shows daze upon seeing Alden, and then felt somehow conscious knowing that Alden is watching her, she immediately covers her face with a fan to hide her obvious reactions and her smile that never been seen before.

Then Allan K, starts teasing Yaya Dub, knowing that she has a crush on Alden, the teasing continues saying "You're making your face, cute just to be noticed" and "You're making Pabebe gestures" and that's starting to affect her and felt embarrassed, upon seeing Alden again on the monitor, she can't help herself and felt astound and covering her face once again to hide her admiration for Alden.

She's trying very hard to fight her emotional reaction by making her face straight, and focusing on her character, despite all the teasing that she gets from the Dabarkads, the problem solvers, even tries harder to make Yaya Dub uncomfortable, reminding her that Alden is watching her closely, then Alden starts giving her a hand wave to say "Hi," she waved back to Alden in character.

The Dabarkads didn't stop teasing Yaya Dub, they wanted to crack her character off, lets continue to watch Yaya Dub daily on Eat Bulaga's problem solving.

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