Sunday, August 9, 2015

Alden Richards answers questions about Him and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza)

Alden Richards guested on Startalk
Alden Richards guested on Startalk
Eat Bulaga and the country's first ever "Kalye Serye" is getting more intense and exciting because of Yaya Dub and Alden Richards against all odds love story, first Lola Nidora's objection for the two to be together, she tries to separate them by kidnapping Alden and locking up Yaya Dub inside her mansion with their bodyguard warding Yaya Dub.

According to Pauline Luna one of Eat Bulaga's co-host "We also fan of AlDub love team, we also feel the excitement of the two being together and the funny antics of Lola Nidora and Frankie, AlDub has brought a different kind of energy into the show and we are trending in social media here and outside the country."

Last Saturday episode, Yaya Dub and Frankie were being married together, Yaya Dub fainted during a scene, that causes some panic on the show's production staff, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Alden Richard continued their Kalye Serye show that gained much appreciation and applaud from the fans and viewers of the show.

Startalk guest Alden Richards answers the hosts question about their on-screen couple role, the first question was "Is Yaya Dub still in the hospital?" according to Alden, Yaya Dub is now feeling okay and out of the hospital.  "How to do you feel that the wedding didn't finish?" Alden reaction a big "YESSS!" expression of relief and the finally and burning question "How do you feel about Maine 'Yaya Dub' Mendoza? And is there a possibility that this love team will be true in real life?" Alden answers were "I can't tell if I have feelings for her, because I haven't really meet or know her in person" And "I can't and won't say anything with finality."

Joey De Leon also added that they don't know what will happen next, even if he is a founding member of Eat Bulaga.  Fans of AlDub must watch and wait what will happen next on this popular "Kalye Serye".

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