Saturday, August 22, 2015

AlDub Forever Continues!

AlDub Forever Continues!
AlDub Forever Continues!

The wedding of Frankie Arinoli and Yaya Dub is all set and ready flowers, wedding singer, wedding entourage,  makeup, cars and etc.

Except for Yaya Dub who is so unhappy with this event.  Lola Nidora on her wheelchair talking to her and convincing her to get married to Frankie as her dying wish, she also reminds Yaya Dub how she has taken care of her since childhood.

Against her will and to fulfill Lola Nidora's dying wish she hesitates no more and says her last goodbye to Alden.

On her way to the altar Yaya Dub's eyes are all teared up, finding it hard to accept her fate with Frankie.

When the time for them to exchange their wedding vows, Alden Richards changed his mind and decided that he can't allow Yaya Dub to be married to Frankie, he tries to run out and stop their wedding, but Lola Nidora's Rogelio's are guarding all the exit doors and he can't do nothing more.

When the priest about to declare the wedding officially finished, a police sirens rang off and police men enters to the wedding venue and arrested the priest because of his criminal wrong doings and they've discovered that the priest, doctors and Lola Nidora's sickness is all made up and her real motive on the wedding is to get her money from Frankie.

The police men declare that the wedding is null and void.

Alden and Yaya Dub hearing all of these jumps in gladness, starts their love song and fan sign exchanges, and their Kalye Serye AlDub love story will continue on.

What will happen next? Continue  to watch Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye.

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